You have NO obligation to be the same person you were yesterday!

The power of being a human being is we get to define who we are.  Every day is an opportunity to reinvent who and what we stand for, the work we choose and the legacy we wish to leave behind.  Nothing in life just happens.  Events occur, we interpret and then we act (or don’t act in some cases)

Regardless of the stories in our heads, the truth is. we have the power to change.  The sooner we accept this responsibility the sooner we can master our behaviour to synchronize with whatever the universe has called us to do.  We cannot win until we accept that nothing in our world happens without our permission. 

Your success in any endeavor is 99.9% how you think, and the subsequent action you take.

The “before” picture was taken in 1989 homeless and addicted to heroin living on the streets of Vancouver.  The other picture is more recent 😊.

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