What fears (large or small) have been your greatest roadblocks?

I have always been a little anxious with heights. I don’t like glass elevators or getting close to the ledge on a high-rise patio. Nope don’t like it at all! I can remember attending many boardroom meetings where I would NOT sit close to the window that had the spectacular panoramic view. Weird right?

This irrational fear has shaped my behaviour my entire life. That said, with a simple work around its not one of those fears that have limited me. It’s the more insidious ones like fear of failure or fear of rejection that have played quietly in the background that have truly robbed me of so many opportunities.

As I hit my mid 50’s I want to obliterate these useless and limiting phobias and the only way that I have found to do that is to walk through them. My experience has been that when you face your fear head on there usually isn’t anything really there, just a story in your mind that keeps you small.

Two years ago, Marie and I were honored to fly with Royal Canadian Air Force, in formation, with two of the finest pilots on earth. Was I scared …? Yes, but I did it anyway.

Life’s greatest moments lie on the other side of what you are afraid of. I invite you to lean into your fear and discover this for yourself!

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