"There’s more to you than you can see."

- Joe Roberts
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Joe Roberts (aka The Skidrow CEO) is an award-winning Inspirational Keynote Speaker armed with unwavering determination and 20+ years of speaking experience. His mission has been, is, and always will be to instigate a ripple effect of positive change everywhere he goes by reminding people of their unlimited potential.

Undefeated by addiction, homelessness and poverty, Joe learned to take responsibility for the countless changes in his life. Based on his lived experience and his remarkable achievements, organizations now seek his insight and proven strategies.

When Joe was homeless in Vancouver he made a promise if his life was spared, he would pay it forward.  He did just that in the form of triumphantly pushing a shopping cart a staggering 9,064 kilometers across Canada in the name of youth homelessness prevention. This very act birthed a national awareness campaign called The Push for Change, inspiring fellow Canadians to create ripple effects of transformation in the lives of at-risk youth throughout the country.

Since 1989, Joe has acquired two college diplomas, became the CEO of one of Vancouver’s leading multimedia companies and achieved more success than he could have ever imagined before he was 35 years old. Before becoming an inspirational speaker he was recognized by MacLean’s Magazine as one of “10 Canadians who have made a difference,” won the BC Courage To Come Back Award and received The Ontario Premier’s Award for Business.

Ultimately, Joe’s deep resonating “WHY” is to empower people to step into a life of infinite possibility, to understand
“there is truly more to each and every one of us than what we see”

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Dominion Lending Centers Cross Canada Tour – 6 minutes

Joe’s Story – 7 minutes

President and CEO – Dominion Lending Centers

“From Victoria to Halifax you blew audience after audience away. As an entrepreneur I LOVE your story”

J.V.N (Vince) Hawkes – Commissioner, Ontario Provincial Police

“I heard personally from numerous officers in attendance that they were emotionally impacted by your message.”

Rick Hansen – Canada’s Man in Motion

“Joe Roberts inspiring story is one of determination, courage and overcoming adversity.”


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"There's more to you than you can see."