Believe in PossibleTM

Keynotes and workshops that reconnect people to purpose, so they can move forward with passion again.

Joe Roberts
Keynote Speaker | Author | Humanitarian

Your team members have what they need.
They’ve had it all along.


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His keynotes light a spark within organizations that continues long after each event.

Because alongside the stress, challenge, and change your teams are experiencing...


The possibility that this challenge will be a defining moment in their career.

The possibility that this change will fuel their new life and renew their resilience.

The possibility that their work done with excellence has the power to change lives…and even the world.

When seen from this vantage point, even the most exhausted employees and leaders leave burnout behind and renew their commitment to the work worth doing.

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You won’t come away from Joe’s keynote the same person you were before.

The answer could be found in Joe’s inspirational story of Joe being named as one of Vancouver's most successful CEOS just twelve years after he was living on the streets struggling with mental health because of early trauma.

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It could be found in one of the twelve million steps Joe took as he walked across Canada, raising awareness among millions of individuals for change.

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Or it could be found in the way audience members describe Joe as one of the most inspirational keynote speakers they’ve ever encountered after hearing his story of resilience and determination.

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Joe lives every day showing that
we are capable of more than we can imagine when we believe in possible.

Audiences feel the depth of Joe’s words because each one was forged from what we discover about ourselves on the other side of our greatest fears.

After hearing Joe’s story, audiences believe they can overcome any obstacle they face.

Employees and leaders re-engage, organizations grow, and exhausted, overwhelmed service personnel light up. And each person discovers greater resilience as they realize the challenges in front of them can be their greatest opportunities for the life
they’ve been searching for.

In a single keynote, entire organizations can change, and each year, Joe’s impact as a keynote speaker is measured in millions of dollars of revenue within organizations and incalculable positive changes in the mental health and lives of his audience members.


Show your organization there’s more to them than they can see!



Your audience will leave with:

  • An unforgettable reminder of the unlimited potential in themselves and others
  • Actionable insights on building resilience, conquering adversity, and embracing possibility
  • An inspiring reconnection to their purpose and passion


Your participants will leave with:

  • A better understanding of stress, energy health, and the brain science behind achievement
  • Practical tools for improving mental health, building resilience, and increasing productivity
  • Skills for successfully navigating stress, negative emotions, and challenging conversations

Read a few of the thousands of responses after Joe’s presentations:

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You improved my mental health...
allowing me to see what’s possible for my life, to move on- which is something I have doubted many times. Please keep spreading your message.

―Community Inclusion & Support Facilitator Community Living

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Your message was the most impactful I have experienced...
and led to the strongest enthusiastic feedback I have received from our group.

―CEO, Dexter and Associates

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Joe’s address brilliantly motivated the audience...
spoke to their needs and outlined some lessons that remained as topics of conversation throughout the conference and well beyond. 

―Director, Education and Professional Development, AMTCO

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You could hear a pin drop throughout Joe's presentations!
Joe's story is engaging, inspiring,
and moving. He allows us to see hope and show us why change can and
must happen.

―CEO, 365 Day Media Group

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