Resilience Keynote Speaker

Survived Chronic Homelessness, Became CEO, Walked 17 Months Across Canada for Charity

Joe has helped millions of people redefine what’s truly possible.

He teaches how anyone can overcome perceived limitations and create high performance results.

Resilience Keynote Speaker

Selecting the perfect keynote speaker for your upcoming event on resilience is an important decision.

True resilience is more than the determination to push through challenges. It’s the ability to leverage fear, uncertainty, and change into action through a mindset of possibility.

Resilience keynote speaker Joe Roberts knows how to do this in a way few others do.

A former homeless addict, he understands how limiting fear and uncertainty can be. He also knows that believing in what’s possible can reframe perceived limitations to spark true resilience.

Joe didn’t stay homeless. One step at a time, he turned his life around. Within 12 years of leaving the streets, he became the Skid Row CEO, a highly successful entrepreneur.

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Dynamic Resilience Keynote Speaker

A dynamic resilience keynote speaker, his story is compelling and impactful, capturing not just the audience’s attention but their hearts as he weaves in practical resilience-building strategies they can use in their everyday lives.

For over 25 years, he’s been inspiring a mindset of possibility and a new understanding of resilience in countless audiences, one that equips them to take on their next challenge, one step at a time.

If you’re looking for a resilience keynote speaker who will engage, inspire, and spark belief in what’s possible, you’ve found him. Book Joe today.

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You make change a possibility in my mind...
for my life, to move on- which is something I have doubted many times. Please keep spreading your message.

―Community Inclusion & Support Facilitator Community Living

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Your message was the most impactful I have experienced...
and led to the strongest enthusiastic feedback I have received from our group.

―CEO, Dexter and Associates

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Joe’s address brilliantly motivated the audience...
spoke to their needs and outlined some lessons that remained as topics of conversation throughout the conference and well beyond. 

―Director, Education and Professional Development, AMTCO

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His message is compelling as well as entertaining.
When he was finished, he received the longest-standing ovation I have ever seen for a keynote speaker!

―Event Chair, FBI National Academy


Life-Changing Inspiration:

Joe’s story of hope, determination, and the power of change resonates with audiences and inspires them to embrace the incredible potential in themselves and others.


Real-World Business Experience:

Using the same principles he shares in his keynotes, Joe built from the ground up a customer-centric media company, which became one of the most successful businesses in western Canada.


A Powerful Perspective:

Joe’s firsthand experience with homelessness and addiction give him unique and powerful insight into how anyone can overcome adversity to achieve their full potential - no matter what!


Relatable, Customized Content:

Every audience is different, so Joe’s keynotes are too. He’ll craft his presentation around the everyday realities they’re facing, making it easy for them to turn inspiration into action.


Instant Connect-Ability:

Talk with Joe for more than five minutes, and you’ll understand why audiences are enthralled by him. Gifted with a unique ability to relate to others, he engages and appeals to audiences from the minute he steps foot on stage.


Laughs (Yes, Really):

Despite the weightiness of Joe’s story, his trademark wit and humorous anecdotes engage your audience more deeply as they laugh along with the unexpected twists and turns of his life.

Joe Roberts, The Keynote Speaker who redefines impossible

Inspirational Keynote Speaker on Resilience, Mental Health, Overcoming Adversity and Leadership

Joe teaches how anyone can overcome perceived limitations and achieve their goals.

His life experience provides teachable moments that drive a fresh and unique perspective to today’s common challenges:

  • How to develop resilience and overcome adversity and change
  • How to cultivate empathy-centered leadership to inspire passion among your teams
  • Break free from limiting beliefs to unlock human potential
  • Engage in difficult conversations about mental health and substance use disorder

A masterful keynote speaker, Joe’s customized presentations will lead you on a transformative journey towards embracing a BELIEVE IN POSSIBLE™️ mindset.

Ready to Believe in Possible?