“Just Don’t Quit!” Advice from Walter Gretzky

Sounds simple enough. In fact, almost trite. But, it’s the cornerstone to resilient action. Not quitting even though our body and mind are tired.

The changes everyone has had to endure this past year beckons those words even more.

When you’re tired – Just Don’t Quit!

When you feel afraid, anxious and uncertain – Just Don’t Quit!

When you can’t seem to find the motivation – Just Don’t Quit!

When others rely on you and you feel you have no more to give – Just Don’t Quit!

If you are a leader, this week I challenge you to find someone to say this to who needs to hear it. It may be the encouragement they need to keep trudging.

In 2016/17, I walked across Canada for The Push for Change. A charity dedicated to eradicating youth homelessness. At kilometer 2823, I reached the Ontario border and was met by the Commissioner of the Ontario Provincial Police, a couple hundred students and the most famous hockey dad in the world; Walter Gretzky. Having raised a hockey legend, I wanted to learn from this wise man. I asked Walter what resiliency advice would he give to someone like me, who had over 6000 km left to walk, through one Canadian winter. With a gritty smile he looked at me and said: “just don’t quit!”

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