How to behave your way into good feelings.

Right action creates momentum. Energy created from stepping into the unknown. The road or highway we are on may not change but perspective of it can. Integrity is the elixir of more action, first its energy that fires the piston then converts to grease the well for the next series of events. Ever notice how productive you are when you are on a roll.

What prey tell stops it, is it complacency, fear, short memory. Whatever it is that disconnects purposed filled action the solution is always in the next step we take. We don’t feel our way into good behaviour we behave our way into a good feeling. It’s as simple as plugging the extension cord back into the string of lights and the tree begins to sparkle once again.

Action equals energy that creates more actions and emotional currency for greater tasks. Inaction feeds the fear and creates deeper emotional paralysis and takes more energy the longer we are seized up.

Conclusion, stay in action, keep your feet moving, even small steps, stay busy, focused on the big goal and keep chipping away at the rock pile.

This picture was taken in a blizzard in Ontario during a 17 month 9064 km walk across Canada. This rock pile took 11,375,000 steps!

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