Am I really the best version of myself?

We are not the best version of our self, we are the lowest version of our self that we can stand.” – Sam Ovens – This quote really haunts me!

I have this ideal version of myself in my mind but seem to come up short in real life.  Often when my mind is spinning, I will cycle through the roles in my mind and give myself a mental “performance review”.

  • Business Objective 4, 6 and 8 need improvement.
  • Health and Nutrition – Fail!
  • Stress and Self Care / Sleep – Fail!

What I find interesting is I never leave these mental “performance reviews” feeling good about myself.  I never seem to be at the place where I feel OK with how I am doing or where I want to be.

I then realize the trap I am putting myself in and have a moment where I laugh out loud like the Dalai Lama at how ridiculous I am. After all, I am the only one keeping score.

This mental shift is crucial for collapsing the negative emotion that comes with the feeling of not measuring up.  Today more than ever, it’s so easy to get caught in the trap of “not measuring up.” We are surrounded by people broadcasting excellence on social media and it’s our nature to self-evaluate and measure our self against others.  This can be a great motivator, or it can deflate us.

I think the first step is to ask yourself: “what game am I playing?” and ignore the noise.

Then you can honestly look at what you want to change and get busy.

Why we stay stuck has a lot to do with not raising our standards.  If you want great health, simply stop accepting poor health as a low standard.  If you want wealth and prosperity, no longer accept aspects of yourself that foster anything but wealth and prosperity.

These four simple steps will help:

First visualize a new possibility

I need to see what the new version or standard looks like.  It needs to be crystal clear in my mind BEFORE it will be in my life.

Get into Relentless Action

Thinking is step one, but action separates dreamers from doers.  Get your feet moving even if you don’t completely know what     direction you’re going. Trust me, by taking action you will course-correct as you go.

Write down your goal – with timelines

You cannot hit a target you cannot see. An archer owns no blindfold.

Get Accountability / Coaching for course-correction

Get someone to hold your feet to the fire.

Whatever you want to change is a simple choice of raising your standards and no longer accepting the person you were yesterday.  It’s not easy because of all the mental drama we hold onto.  At the end of all this is a simple truth, we are not the best versions of our self, we are the lowest version of our self that we can stand.  There is and always will be an internal battle between who you want to be and who you are right now.

I have made a life out of transformation.  From a homeless addict, to a successful entrepreneur. From a terrible marriage to happiness, love and joy in marriage 2.0.  From 90 lbs overweight to competing in full Ironman races.

Today, I treat life like a game and I choose what strings to pull, so that I am always becoming the person I want to become.

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