It’s Superbowl and I miss my friends

I always hated football growing up. Mostly because I didn’t understand it. That change in 1993 when I walked into a convention center in Chicago Illinois and met a new friend named Paul. Paul was from Kansas and was an avid football fan who of course rooted for The Kansas City Chiefs.

Over the years our friendship grew, he was my best man at my wedding, I was his best man and although neither of our marriages last our love for football did. For more than two decades we rooted for our underdog Chief team. Today the Chief’s aren’t underdogs anymore. They are the defending world champions. But that’s not the point. The point is I miss my friend. I miss the house filled with people, eating and shouting at the screen. I miss the excitement of having a bunch of people collectively gathered under the auspice of sport but really because we just enjoy and love each other.

Superbowl was never about football, it was always about friends. I miss people, I miss my friends, I miss arguing about stupid stuff that doesn’t matter like whose coaching skills are better and is Tom Brady really the greatest of all time?

When things return to normal, I want to have a big party. I want ALL my friends to come. My republican friends, and my democrat friends. I want us all to come together and have some good old fashion football fun and remember that its was never about football it was always and will always be about friendship.

What’s the biggest thing you miss since the pandemic hit?

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