How do I motivate people who are at the end of their rope?

As more and more people struggle with stress, burnout, anxiety and mental health challenges what can we do as leaders to help?
I am always looking for creative ways to do these three simple things:

1. Inspire – Get people to see a different perspective even for a moment. We can do this through empathy and authenticity. The biggest thing we need to do is tell a story that inspires somehow. We are all hungry for inspiration and anything that make us smile right now.

2. Possibility –Return to a place where we can see past today’s adversity and begin to instill a belief that we can make it through these challenging times and that we do have what it takes to transcend and transform.

3. Action – give people simple tools that get them in action. Nothing big and overwhelming. Simple, doable, but immediate action one can take to help feed their inspiration and build a belief that it’s possible. Then, rinse and repeat.

Change is tough but we can endure and build and even become better during times of stress and uncertainty. The thing I believe in most is the possibility that lives inside every human being, who when properly guided to that potential has the power to unlock the secrets of the universe.

I know this because my life began on a park bench as a homeless skid row drug addict and today my life is unrecognizable from where I started. Lastly, I’m not special, just consistent.

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