Don’t give up 5 minutes before the miracle happens!

Success in any battle is often closer than one thinks. Emotions are those funny things that often portray and distort reality.  Good and bad emotion have the power to colour the tapestry of life’s illusions and steer the visual accordingly.

It is these moments that reason and action must prevail for those accomplishing change in their world.  One must be reminded of purpose and gently but emphatically be nurtured back into action.  The feelings will tell you to stop, to give up that this is not possible, it’s too big, too hard, and the emotions will concur and colour the impossible with deep detail creating a picture of probability.  One so rich in evidence that when shown to others they, with their emotion, will agree.  Yes this is not possible will be the chorus echoed.

We however know a different truth.  One steeped in hard work, intellect and perseverance.  One that has a sweeter taste than defeat, or complacency.  One that rejects vacillation and pushes all the chips in the centre.  One that says no thank you I will do it the harder way for in this is character.  One that says, it’s just around the corner and I must continue despite the false evidence that appears very real.

And so it is we hit the next switchback and keep climbing, keep trudging, keep pushing, keep working for a vision we instill in our consciousness. This is for a view that has before now not existed but in our minds.

And then it happens, the clouds part and you find yourself standing on top of the highest mountain you only once dreamed possible to climb.

The photo above was taken in Rogers Pass BC as part of our 17 month 9064KM walk across Canada.  When I reached the summit I was at KM 8180. I had been walking for over 14 months 24km every day since the start in St John’s Newfoundland.

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