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Why your example matters more than your productivity today

During the walk across Canada, I met a lot of extraordinary people. One of those people had a huge impact on me, although indirect. During the Push for Change trial campaign, a friend surprised me by inviting Rolly Fox to one of our community fundraising events. I was nervous speaking that day. It was one … Read more

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Am I really the best version of myself?

“We are not the best version of our self, we are the lowest version of our self that we can stand.” – Sam Ovens – This quote really haunts me! I have this ideal version of myself in my mind but seem to come up short in real life.  Often when my mind is spinning, … Read more

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“Just Don’t Quit!” Advice from Walter Gretzky

Sounds simple enough. In fact, almost trite. But, it’s the cornerstone to resilient action. Not quitting even though our body and mind are tired. The changes everyone has had to endure this past year beckons those words even more. When you’re tired – Just Don’t Quit! When you feel afraid, anxious and uncertain – Just … Read more

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What fears (large or small) have been your greatest roadblocks?

I have always been a little anxious with heights. I don’t like glass elevators or getting close to the ledge on a high-rise patio. Nope don’t like it at all! I can remember attending many boardroom meetings where I would NOT sit close to the window that had the spectacular panoramic view. Weird right? This … Read more

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How to behave your way into good feelings.

Right action creates momentum. Energy created from stepping into the unknown. The road or highway we are on may not change but perspective of it can. Integrity is the elixir of more action, first its energy that fires the piston then converts to grease the well for the next series of events. Ever notice how … Read more

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How do I motivate people who are at the end of their rope?

As more and more people struggle with stress, burnout, anxiety and mental health challenges what can we do as leaders to help?I am always looking for creative ways to do these three simple things: 1. Inspire – Get people to see a different perspective even for a moment. We can do this through empathy and … Read more

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It’s Superbowl and I miss my friends

I always hated football growing up. Mostly because I didn’t understand it. That change in 1993 when I walked into a convention center in Chicago Illinois and met a new friend named Paul. Paul was from Kansas and was an avid football fan who of course rooted for The Kansas City Chiefs. Over the years … Read more

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You have NO obligation to be the same person you were yesterday!

The power of being a human being is we get to define who we are.  Every day is an opportunity to reinvent who and what we stand for, the work we choose and the legacy we wish to leave behind.  Nothing in life just happens.  Events occur, we interpret and then we act (or don’t … Read more

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Don’t give up 5 minutes before the miracle happens!

Success in any battle is often closer than one thinks. Emotions are those funny things that often portray and distort reality.  Good and bad emotion have the power to colour the tapestry of life’s illusions and steer the visual accordingly. It is these moments that reason and action must prevail for those accomplishing change in … Read more

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