"Redefining Impossible"

- Joe Roberts
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Our workshops are designed from Joe’s personal experience and research.  We craft and customize breakout sessions and workshops based on what you need, tailoring them to your conference theme, specific learning objectives and most requested topics.

By complimenting your keynote with workshops we maximize the adult learning process. We find that following Joe’s keynote with a workshop dramatically increases the take home value of the tools and strategies shared.

We bundle Keynote and workshop services together to save money and bring higher value.

The topics highlighted below are some of Joe’s personal mantras and expertise. These strategies are often included in his keynote speeches, workshops and breakout sessions. We’ve created short videos to summarize each concept.

Push for Change

Building Resiliency and Mental Toughness

(re•sil•ience): The ability to become strong, healthy, or successful after something bad happens / an ability to recover from or adjust easily to change.

Learn from someone who earned a PhD in resiliency; from getting off the streets, building business success to walking across Canada!

Tools you’ll take home:
* Reframing the tough stuff
* Focus and commitment
* How to take that next step
* The Accountability Game

Strength through Vulnerability

Dealing with Mental Health and Addiction

“The only way to survive addiction and mental health is to have the courage to get transparent and vulnerable.” Joe Roberts

Vulnerable leaders inspire, are more authentic, and build bonds that lead to increased performance. It turns out that the popular perception of vulnerability is a myth.

Tools you’ll take home:
* Weakness is a strength
* You are not alone
* Collapsing stigma
* Everyone is effected

Human Roadblocks

What’s stopping you?

We all face adversity, challenge and change. Each one of us has our share of the tough stuff!
Delve into the psychological and situational roadblocks that get us stuck. Whether you are trying to lose 20 lbs or have huge aspiration for that next level of success, roadblocks are a reality we all face.

Tools you’ll take home:
* Blast through mental roadblocks
* Action in the face of negative emotion
* What are you telling yourself?
* Success or Failure is in your head

The A.I.R. Model

The Science behind High Performance

Success is in the A.I.R. we breathe.
Learn the formula used by elite coaches, pro level athletes, and successful business leaders.

Lucky enough to have been coached and mentored by Dr. Sean Richardson, an elite sports psychologist, Joe was able to walk 9064km across Canada using a powerful human behaviour model designed by Sean.

Tools you’ll take home:
* The Psychology of Excellence
* Overcoming Roadblocks
* Effort Based Thinking: Failure is feedback
* How to Achieve Literally Anything!

Difference Makers

Employee and Community Engagement

Canadian statistics state that only 27% of employees are fully engaged!

Learn how to inspire team members to get off the bench while creating community impact. The Push for Change walk across Canada was an engagement success because people were inspired to become change makers.

Tools you’ll take home:
* Tap into individuals strengths
* How to engage on PURPOSE
* Impact Community
* Build Legacy Projects

Street Smart Selling

It’s not just a clever title.

Learn what Joe learned living on the streets which he translated into sales mastery.

Participants will leave with tools that can be applied immediately to shorten sales cycles, eliminate wasted time, and make fewer calls while building customers for life.

Tools you’ll take home:
* Stop selling and start solving
* Avoid the mistakes made by 80% of all salespeople
* Learn how to identify opportunities from “Time Burglars”
* How to build customers for life

I can’t believe 2 months have passed since you spoke at our Safety Conference. I want to personally thank you once again for helping make our ENFORM conference in Banff a huge success.

In case you couldn’t tell by the standing ovation from our 900 attendees, they too found great value in your keynote message.

On the feedback survey you received an overall combined rating of 99% (Excellent and Very Good) for the workshop conducted the day prior.  Participants talked about the value of time spent and how the tools they learned will help them in their daily roles.


"There's more to you than you can see."