Joe offers workshops where he dives more deeply into the specific areas of expertise. These additional presentations can be tailored to suit your agenda. His sessions range from 30 minutes to a full day.

A six minute sample of Joe talking "sales" from his cross-Canada tour with Dominion Lending Centres

From Skidrow to CEO
"How to achieve what can't be done"
(60-90 minute keynote)

How do you teach sales people to be "hungry"? How do you keep them motivated and target driven? How can you squeeze more out of each players' performance?

Every one of us is confronted by adversity, challenge and change in our profession. Tough markets, ugly competitors, shrinking margins and a hundred other excuses!

Ultimately it's what's between our ears that determines success or failure.

In this keynote, Joe teaches how anyone anywhere can hit "presidents club" by overcoming their perceived limitations. Joe's mastery in selling came from an unlikely place. In the 1980's he lived on the tough streets of East Vancouver where his "gift of the gab" was his only weapon for survival. Joe will take you from the depths and degradation of a former homeless drug addict, to the heights and triumph of a successful career in sales and beyond. Joe's unique style of inspiration combined with his legendary dark humour will have you shed a tear while making you laugh 'til it hurts.

One hour with Joe leaves an impression that lasts a lifetime where you will learn:

  •   - What activities make you the most sales
  •   - Why cold calling sucks – and how to overcome it
  •   - How to close one new deal in 7 days
  •   - How purpose is the key to long term success in sales
  •   - How every lost deal is worth dollars
  •   - How it doesn't matter how you feel - it only matters what you do!


In this program you will learn how to:

  •   - Stop Selling and Start Solving
  •   - Avoid the mistakes made by 80% of all salespeople
  •   - Learn how to identify true opportunities from the "Time Burglars"
  •   - How to effectively sell YOU
  •   - How to build customers for life

Get us looking into your success today!

”When we initially hired you for our sales seminar needs and we were impressed with your consultative approach and how you quickly responded to our business pain. You delivered content that was bang on, relevant and valuable for our people. You effectively prepared and tooled our people for the ISC West Trade Show event in Las Vegas.”

          Elmer Ventura – President – Bionic CCTV

”The education seminars you provided have proved to be a tremendous success having been rated highly by our members. We look forward to additional sessions in the spring”

          Robert J. Noon - The Vancouver Board of Trade

”Joe, thank you, once again, for your help in making our day a success! Your presentation was a valuable part of the agenda.”

          Deirdre Liebrandt – Industry Canada