Joe’s keynote programs are likely the most unique experience your people will ever have. His passion and experience shine through as he lifts your entire event up two levels. Joe’s clients have consistently said two things about his work: "Inspiring & Results". If you’re looking for “inspiring results” look no further.

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From Skidrow to CEO
"There's more to you than you can see"
(60-90 minute keynote)

Ever find yourself walking down the street minding your own business and life "life's you"?!

Every one of us is confronted by adversity, challenge and change. We face it in our families, our health, with children, and our finances. All of us get our share of the tough stuff.

In this keynote, Joe teaches how anyone anywhere can overcome perceived limitations and live their dreams. As you walk with Joe through the tough streets of East Vancouver in the 1980's you will experience the depths and degradation of a former hopeless, homeless drug addict, to the heights and triumph of a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist. Joe's unique style of inspiration combined with his legendary dark humour will have you shed a tear while making you laugh 'til it hurts.

One hour with Joe leaves an impression that lasts a lifetime where you will learn:

  •   - How to turn every obstacle into an asset
  •   - How to reframe and give perspective to life's challenges
  •   - How mentorship changes lives
  •   - The importance of paying it forward
  •   - How to stay inspired and motivated despite the world outside

The Push for Change
How to create engagement with impact
(60-90 minute keynote)

Learn the psychological tools needed to overcome great obstacles and stay focused, and understand that connecting to your PURPOSE is the key to achieving big things in life and the power to create engagement with others that share your collective vision.

To help Canada's children before it's too late, Joe Roberts teamed up with Dr. Sean Richardson and developed The Push for Change initiative that will have Joe Roberts push a shopping cart (the symbol of homelessness) over 9000 kilometers across Canada.

In the summer of 2012 Joe did a training trek and walked from Calgary to Vancouver, a distance of 1071km's. Joe completed the last kilometer in the downtown eastside with the support of family, friends, sponsors and supporters.

In this keynote, you will learn the ideas and design for creating legacy in your life and community. The phrase ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE resonates as you are taken behind the scenes and shown exactly how Joe and Sean created this national project.

The Push for Change is a campaign designed to create awareness about Canada's at risk children while raising money to support programs that reach underserved children who are at risk of becoming destitute due to circumstances out of their control, preventing them from ending up alone and homeless.

Joe’s ability to impact individuals is striking.
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The Push for Change   All fees/honorariums related to this keynote
go to The Push for Change campaign
to End Youth Homelessness.