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Joe Roberts is an inspirational example of overcoming adversity and managing change. In 1989 he was living under a bridge as a homeless skid row addict. Today he is an author, CEO and internationally sought after professional speaker who motivates and inspires audiences worldwide.

Enrich your next conference or convention with one of the most unique professional speakers on the circuit today. Walk in the shoes of a former penniless drug addict. Learn the attitude and philosophy that changed one man’s living hell into a classic Rags to Riches story of success.

Inspirational, Motivational, The Best Speaker Ever!

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We laughed, we cried, we came away better people

Joe Roberts, Business Development

The most effective leaders in society are those rare individuals who can inspire their audience with a passion that can only come from personal experience. As the President and CEO of an extremely successful multimedia company, Joe Roberts has faced and overcome key business challenges, which confront every modern organization.

Joe’s business solutions have made millions of dollars for his clients, across a variety of business sectors. It is from this experience that Joe draws when addressing Fortune 500 companies, boards of trade and professional associates internationally.

Former CEO of the multimedia development company Mindware Design Communications, where in less than four years, Joe led the company through an 800% increase in business. Joe made his first million dollars before he turned 35, and was named one of Business in Vancouver’s 40 Under 40 Outstanding Business People and one of Maclean’s 10 Canadians Who Make a Difference. He is also the recipient of the prestigious Ontario Premier Awards for business excellence.

Joe has appeared on many TV shows, news programs, radio talk shows and has been featured in major publications such as The Toronto Star, The National Post and Canadian Business.

In his book, “7 Secrets to Profit from Adversity”, Joe maps out exactly how to profit from hard times. His presentation of these principles with an exciting combination of inspiration, entertainment, and education is what makes Joe Roberts’ programs so unique and effective. As a result, he has become an internationally known and respected speaker on Managing Adversity and Change, Visionary Goal Setting and Professional Selling.

Joe Roberts has established his professional speaking career working with major clients in both Canada and the United States. He has become a favourite at business conventions and corporate meeting events, captivating tens of thousands of people and receiving rave reviews!

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